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Eucolait Sustainability Manifesto

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Eucolait Sustainability Manifesto, celebrating the present and future commitments and achievements of the dairy trading community. The manifesto, while recognising the progress that has been made and which is ongoing across the dairy supply chain, focuses specifically on the trade-related actions taken by our members and on the role of trade in shaping sustainable and resilient food systems.


Demand for dairy nutrition continues to grow but local food systems, although crucial, are seldomly able to fully meet the increasing needs of consumers. Trade is therefore vital to link the growing global demand in deficit regions with the production in Europe and other exporting countries. As an efficient milk producing region, the EU has the duty to contribute to global food security in a sustainable manner. Trade, accompanied by responsible production in areas with lowest emissions can also help to significantly reduce the carbon footprint of the dairy sector globally. In addition, the contribution of trade to those emissions, though comparatively small, must be minimised and offset.    


For many companies, sustainability is now in-built in the identity of the business and has become an indispensable element of everyday operations. Without neglecting the other two pillars of sustainability, much of the focus at present is on environmental performance, in particular climate action.  Emissions from the main sources linked to trade – transport, warehousing, travel and offices – are being measured and decreased. Residual emissions can then be compensated or neutralised with the help of carbon credits, resulting in a carbon neutral delivery. Examples of the activities, ambitions and sustainability policies of our member companies have been listed in the annex to the manifesto.