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EU Dairy Trade

Our Vision

We believe in a competitive and market-oriented European dairy sector that meets the demand for high-quality dairy products and ingredients within the EU and globally. Milk is a very healthy, nutritious, and rich raw material which can be processed into a huge variety of products. These dairy products and ingredients have diverse applications and outlets, ranging from retail and foodservice to ingredients in food products such as chocolate, pastry, sauces, pizza, baby food or sports nutrition.

It is therefore not surprising that global demand for dairy continues growing by about 2% per year. The EU is already by far the leading supplier to the world market and is well-placed to respond to increasing global consumption in a sustainable manner. Learn more in our sustainability manifesto.

Traders provide multiple services to other actors in the dairy supply chain. These include risk management, technical know-how, tailor-made ingredients, market expertise, finance, logistics, and handling export and import procedures. Through their in-depth knowledge of the market and a vast network of suppliers and customers, traders are able to connect the supply and demand for all dairy products and ingredients. They help ensure the best possible valorisation of all milk components. This involvement increases the efficiency of the market, limits price volatility, and reduces food waste.


Tonnes of milk are produced in the EU
The total value of annual EU dairy exports
Of EU milk is subject to intra-EU trade crossing borders between Member States in the form of different dairy products
The EU’s share of the global dairy market
Of EU milk is exported as various dairy products
The average global import demand growth per year

The Dairy Tree

The number and variety of dairy products and ingredients is simply stunning. This tree gives a simplified overview of the main product categories.

skimmed milk dairy spreads butteroil lactic butter sweet cream butter whey protein concentrate lactose whey permeate casein & caseinates milk protein concentrate condensed milk other buttermilk yoghurt semi-skimmed milk whole milk skimmed milk semi-skimmed milk whole milk whole milk powder

Role of Trade in the dairy supply chain

Role of Trade in the dairy supply chain